Passions Meet

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Passions Meet
She decided to turn left instead of right
And that’s when she saw him
Once again his beauty encapsulated her sight
She felt captured
But tried to retain her stature
As he greeted her with a hug
His familiar scent
Mixed with ‘that’ cologne
Engulfed her senses
A nostalgia that would never budge
Within her butterflies arose
And she instantly felt weak
As her cheek touched his cheek
And the space between them decreased
She felt old love rushing within
A love that was once all she could ever think of
Time stood still
In the moment of their embrace
And to the forefront of her mind
Memories of guitar strings being strummed
And melodies being hummed
Notes on black and white keys being played
As night turns to day
Instrumentals being uploaded and rewound
It was all so profound
The way the rhythm of their hearts provided the treble and bass
And lyrics were being penned
And spoken word said at pace
The aroma of herbal leaves didn’t fail to leave
Their sub-consciences wide open
To their highest realm
And through the aura of infinite passion their creativity flowed
As they delved
Deeper and deeper into their souls
And they ate and drank from the energy of their vibe
That night
They combined music poetry, love, life and time
She knows he remember too
Because he’s held this embrace
For a couple seconds too long
He squeezes her firm but gentle
There’s something about her
And he knew this from day one
And with pleasantries all said and done
Numbers exchanged and saved
They both take a second glance as they walk away
Contemplating on who will make the first move
To initiate the replay
Written by Future Poet 
All rights reserved. Copyright © Future Poet 2017
This poem can be found in the book Future Poet's Whispers Of Real Desire Shared available here.

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