You cannot run away from your mind, but you can change the way you think!

For your entire life there is one person you will have to live with, and that person is you. You can use temporary highs and lows to vacate yourself from your reality but when you return the same person will be there, just slightly worse for wear. We can put blame on everything external and become a victim of circumstance. We can beat ourselves up with words and thoughts much more than anyone else can. However, when done, again worse for wear, we are still left with ourselves.

Changing the way we think, approach a situation or make decisions, will free us from the circumstance or situation we are in. Having a different outlook or mental attitude can take a situation from one extreme to another. When we wallow in our failings or circumstances we create a victim of ourselves. We stop dreaming of possibilities and opportunities, put up barriers where there are none and strip ourselves of our power. We must take accountability for our mindset and take time to understand it, because we cannot run from it. You cannot run away from yourself, but you do have the power to live your life as the best version of you. You have the authority to refocus and change thought patterns.

You can look at what you’re feeding yourself mentally and what you are allowing to stimulate your mind. If we can be consciously aware of the negative self-talk that can dismantle us, then we can also shut it down!

You can, and are, allowed to change your inner conversations and make them productive and proactive. You have the power on how you choose to feel by the thoughts you choose to think but you cannot ignore yourself. You cannot run away from your mind, but you can change the way you think!

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