I wish

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I wish
I wish I could stroll with you
On the beach, through the countryside
Or through the woods kicking autumn leaves
Playfully with you
I wish I could sit back to back with you
And read for a while
Reason and deliberate
On current affairs, literature, entertainment and life
I wish I could mediate and pray with you
In a candle lit scented room
Or have us read scriptures to each other
As I lay head to head with you
Under the presence of the stars and the moon
I wish I could cook with you
Chop, slice and dice with you
Season and marinate
Bake, steam and fry with you
Then set the table for two with you
I wish I could be embraced by you
Be held tightly within your arms
Just listening to the beat of your heart
Feeling warm, secure and confident within your calm
I wish we could laugh and cry together
Have misunderstandings and make up together
Feel the hurt by another within each other
Recognise when space is required from each other
I wish I knew who “you” were
The person that can perform the actions within my words
I wish I knew who “you” were
I wish I knew who “you” were
Written by Future Poet 
All rights reserved. Copyright © Future Poet 2017
This poem can be found in the book Future Poet's Whispers Of Real Desire Shared available here.


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  • Paige on

    Oh this is just lovely. I don’t often read poetry but I will be having a look at your other work.

    Paige x

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