I wish (remixed)

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I wish (remixed)
So I wish to have a man who understands
That I require a partner not a leader
Recognises that we are to balance each other
Submissiveness is my choice
Not an expectation of his desire
I wish to have a man with who I can articulate on history
Wars, politics and poverty
Discuss religions, world peace, famine and greed
Reason on how we could make a difference
Through prayer, activism or deed
I wish to have a man where I can feel my importance in his life
Feel and see that I am his present and future
Realise and know that this journey is not just about becoming his wife
Verbs served are to be acted upon
As promises are a comfort to no one
There’s no seeing where this goes
A future together has to be the goal
I wish to have a man who is self-driven
And has goals and dreams with a realistic vision
A man who understands his worth
And knows what he brings to the table
A man who knows what he expects of me
A man who is mentally ready, willing and able
I wish to find a man who understands the importance of music, art and poetry
Who realises that without creativity we have no individuality
No outlet for expression
Whether sad, abstract or happy
I need him to know the power of humour
And that it is a relief from sorrow and brings longevity
I wish to have a man who I can raise a family with
Bring our morals, standards and upbringings together
Lead to set examples
Show how to receive respect and how to give it
Show a man’s role as a man and a father
Through and through
Compliment my role as a mother
Whilst understanding and emphasising its importance too
As for him and his role this is what I will do
I wish to have a man who can communicate with me
As that is a major necessity for any relationship to succeed
I want us to talk freely and respectfully
About our feelings, fears, spirituality and dreams
And for us to listen, not to reply
But to do so with understanding
Attentively and willingly
And sometimes, between us and about us
Words of truth will cause pain
But we will know they’re said to bring forth personal change
For personal growth and gain
So whether tears are cried
Or frowns replace smiles
The love we have for one another will never change
I wish to have a man who will catch me when I fall
Allow me to support him
Without making him feel small
Be his back bone at times of need to make him feel tall
Build strong bridges of trust, loyalty and commitment
Be scared to lose each other
Love hard and deep with passion and desire
I wish to have a man who’s embrace is my home
Who I can lay with in silence
But my aura is heard
A man who’s kisses I yearn
A man who can sexually blow mind
Who fits perfectly between my thighs
Our rhythms matching all the time
Thoughts of me make his nature rise
When we touch it’s a spiritual connection
Deep inside
I wish to find man who meets my words
As I know my worth
And what I can deliver
I wish to find the man I speak of
To be a part of my forever
Because when in love 
A 100% and more is what I bring
I am more than willing to make a man my King
If to him I am his Queen
Written by Future Poet 
All rights reserved. Copyright © Future Poet 2017
This poem can be found in the book Future Poet's Whispers Of Real Desire Shared available here.

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