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About Future Poet

 Future Poet - The lifestyle brand for every culture!


Our Beginning

Future Poet Ltd was created in 2019 in London, UK by Celine Nelson.

The brand name Future Poet is Celine Nelson’s pseudonym and was formerly used for poetry books and spoken word performances. It was thought to be only right to use Future Poet as the brand/ company name because the original idea of a business was born from Future Poet’s poetry.

Back in 2017, the idea was to use Future Poet’s poetic life quotes on mugs, greeting cards, keyrings and calendars but this began to change course during 2018.

By 2019 it was decided that Future Poet was going to introduce positivity into fashion through positive quotes on clothing. To be a bigger influence in this area and to appeal to a larger audience Future poet made the decision to become a lifestyle brand whilst incorporating its original concept.

By the end of 2020 Future Poet will have 3 departments the Be Inspired Collection, the Be Empowered Collection and the Be Uplifted Collection all covering clothing, homeware and accessories.

Why Future Poet?

There are many reminders of our imperfections coupled with the need to look or be a certain way, but not enough reminders of self-empowerment and maintaining loving who we are, just as we are.

Future Poet has chosen to make words count by inspirationally enriching others with food for thought which may capture more than one area of their life. Words can have a beautiful and powerful impact, especially when used positively.

Mission and Value Statement

Future Poet’s mission is:

  • To inspire, empower and uplift through the products it delivers
  • To be a lifestyle brand for every culture as the energy of positive words is universal
  • Be committed to providing the best possible quality of service
  • Value the environment and take great care to ensure that that all products are manufactured via ethical and sustainable means.


 The brand’s vision is to bring positivity into every area of your life, through clothing, accessories and homeware. With the idea that a Future Poet item will inspire, empower and uplift you to being and maintaining the very best versions of yourself! 

Our Products

The Be Inspired Collection is the homeware department and includes mugs, candle holders, keychains bags and cushions.

The Be Empowered Collection is the athletic wear and accessories department to include apparel such as hoodies, performance t-shirts, shorts, and accessories.

The Be Uplifted Collection is the fashion department and includes t-shirts, hoodies, tracksuits and accessories.