About Future Poet

 Daily we are exposed to messages of our imperfections and Future Poet wanted to change that concept by introducing a voice of positivity into the fashion industry.

So with positivity, inspiration and influences from its roots of London (UK) as its foundation, Future Poet launched a line of t-shirts embellished with simple, but effective, enriching quotes. 

Words, verbal or written can have a powerful impact, especially if used positively. Seeing a Future Poet quote on apparel can inspire and empower you and others to be the very best versions of yourselves possible. It’s simple - to maintain a positive mindset, clothe yourself with a positive statement.

The current line of t-shirts for men and women are made from 100& premium ringspun cotton and feature a sleek and stylish fit with taped neck and shoulder. These high quality t-shirts feel super soft against your skin. The left sleeve of each t-shirt is embroidered with the Future Poet logo to create its authenticity.
Positivity may connect us but let’s do more than talk, let’s dress to inspire empower and uplift!