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Future Poet: Featured in Australian blog, Inside Out Style

Future Poet's has been featured in Inside Out Style, a blog by certified, international image consultant, Imogen Lamport.

In her blog post, Expressing Your Style, Your Way, Imogen discusses how the t-shirt, Best Version, lead her to thinking about how important the message on the  t-shirt is. 

"If you are only ever copying the style of others, then you are probably never going to feel or look as great as you could, as you’re a replica, not the original,...and often why a style works so well on the original who created it, is that it’s an expression of their inner being, it’s totally authentic to them."

Read the full blog post on Inside Out Blog  and see how she can help you discover your personal style and be the best version of you!

Imogen Lamport is a blogger based in Melbourne, Australia. She is an  internationally certified image consultant and created both her image consulting businesses, Bespoke Image and the blog Inside Out Style with a clear mission – to help women look and feel amazing every day without stress and confusion.


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