Review by Il Mondo Di Ramy

Italian blogger, Ramona Allegri has shared her thoughts about Future Poet and the navy t-shirt 'Best Version' on her blog, Il Mondo Di Ramy.

Speaking about the message of Future Poet, Ramona says:

I appreciate what this brand does because it is a message that I care a lot about. We are beautiful because we are all different, each of us has something that makes us special to others, their imperfections are unique to us.

'..I chose the XXl size which is very comfortable, the material is 100% high quality and remains fresh. The prices are excellent, the site is simple and intuitive with fast navigation.'

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Il Mondo Di Ramy is run by Ramona Allegria, who is a freelance writer, blogger and columnist. She writes for and has several books in the pipeline.

Disclaimer: This a gifted collaboration with Ramona Allegria and all views are her own.

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